The Walk Home

It will be five years at the end of August since I moved to New York City. I came to New York with the same intentions that just about any 20 year old might. To forget where you came from, to start over or to simply start. The truth was, within a very short window of time, New York didn't want me to forget the cloth I had been cut from. I learned the basis of life's lessons from running around free as a bird in a rural country side and I was home sick for open space, fresh air and of course quiet. This didn't mean I wasn't cut out for New York, it just meant I needed to find an outlet. 

It was photography that brought me to New York in the first place and also the want for something more, but that old saying "be careful what you wish for" was ringing in my ears as I missed the simplicity of the life I came from. I found myself taking walks constantly, sometimes multiple times a day, which turned into runs, and then into races and then into marathons. I discovered that moving about New York was the only way to harness that anxiety in my chest of standing still. I'll admit, while that makes me sound a bit restless and antsy, because of my need to get out and get moving, some of my most magical New York moments have come about this way. It's even how I landed my first job at The New York Daily News. 

It's only taken me 5 years to realize the importance of "The Walk Home". It's an opportunity to channel what's most important. To let go of the day, make new work, meet new people and of course, experience new things. This is a formal journal for all those crazy incidents, quiet moments or beautiful occurrences that we pass by on a daily basis.